Breathe (in seven sections)

by Christopher Willits



SMM vol.2 PRESS RELEASE (fall 2004) :

Ghostly International delves further into the ethereal, textural side of electronic production this fall with the second installment of the SMM series, which has thus far featured artists such as Kiln, Twine and Kosik. Collecting works by Christopher Willits, Cepia and Lusine, SMM Vol. 2 ranges from moody guitar arrangements to dense drones, creating a lush atmosphere that is alternately tense and tranquil.

Christopher Willits (12k, Sub Rosa, Plop ) occupies the first half of the EP with the sprawling “Breathe (in seven sections) ”, a seven-part extrapolation of the custom-made guitar sounds that have garnered him so much acclaim. Warbling melody lines are punctuated by scientifically precise clicks while complex undercurrents of bass and percussion complete the whole, allowing for a seamless, enveloping flow. Cepia follows with “Sqr Exp” and “Ramp”, which adhere to naturally varying paces complemented by massive chord shifts, the former gliding on frantic constructions of clangs and hits and the latter eschewing beats entirely. Lusine rounds out the record with “Payne’s Gray”, a calm and sensible denouement that drifts on elegant synth washes mottled by bowed strings.

SMM Vol. 2 serves as a concise showcase of three immensely talented producers whose greatest successes await them – the sounds herein are at once remarkably beautiful, undeniably auspicious and unexpectedly inspiring. The EP is to be followed by a third installment in Spring 2005 and a CD compilation later that year.

catalog # : GI-29


released March 21, 2004

all sounds in "Breathe (in seven sections)" by Christopher Willits. Published by Overlap Music




Christopher Willits San Francisco

A musician, artist, teacher based in SF who believes that music and art can catalyze inner change. Multiple solo albums + collaborations w/ the likes of Ryuichi Sakamoto, Tycho, on Ghostly, have created a diverse catalog with over 25 releases. Founder of the creative collective Overlap (, and Envelop a 3D immersive audio platform making spatial audio accessible to artists ( ... more

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